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The 2nd wave has been a lot more challenging because COVID has hit closer home and impacted either us or our loved ones in unfathomable ways. The scarcity of infrastructure, knowledge and guidance has exacerbated the situation. At POSHequili (“Firm”), we have devised Pandemic Response Plan to support different groups with the following initiatives:

In Public Interest

In times when all social media channels are flooded with resources and information, it’s been a task to discern verified information from unverified information. In this regard, we have made an attempt to filter the verified resources and post links that have reliable information or further lead to credible sources.

We are conducting interviews with professionals from various disciplines of medicine, law and mental health to dispel myths around COVID & vaccination and offer guidance to work through the challenges stemming from this pandemic.

Our legal team is actively working to post updated government orders, legal notifications and judgments to navigate through complexities with the law and order, judiciary, insurance concerns resulting from pandemic. Our team of mental health professionals is working on putting together strategies on how to take care of oneself and as caregivers during the pandemic and the loss each one of us is experiencing. We have made available verified list of mental health professionals that one can reach out to as they steer through intense emotions of worry, anxiety, grief, hopelessness among other emotions.

We would continue to strive to collate resources on all the above and make it available on this page.

For POSHequili Team

To support the well-being of our team, the Firm is announcing that all our colleagues are entitled to paid leave over and above their annual leave when they find themselves battling with covid or their family members (partners, parents, in-laws, children). Paid leave will also be given on the day(s), they are going / taking family members for vaccination.

As a Firm, we will continue to practice social distancing and deliver services to clients using telephonic, video and digital modes until all our colleagues are not vaccinated and the situation does not get better.

We recognize the toll pandemic may have taken on everyone and the gamut of emotions one could experience. Recognizing that, we had announced the complete Shut-Down from work for 9 days in last week of March. We are going to continue our endeavour and take efforts to be there for each one of our team members to support them with their requirements in any way we can.

As part of this commitment, 5-6pm on Fridays will be blocked as “Connect Time’ for team members to connect with their buddies or mentors, should they like. No client meetings would be scheduled during this hour.

We value the support being extended by all team members to their colleagues at the Firm. However, we recognize that it may be unmatched to professional help, when required. Thus, we would encourage our team members to seek help, should they require, and the Firm will support them by reimbursing INR 1,000 per session for 10 sessions in a year.

For Client Organizations

Healthy partnerships are formed between entities that facilitate growth and well-being of the other. The Firm recognizes that businesses across the country have taken a hit due to the Pandemic.

However, in spite of that, our Clients have not put their D&I and L&D initiatives in the back burner. We truly appreciate their resilience and understanding the value of healthy and safe workplaces even in these tough times. As part of our support to them, the Firm will continue to offer all services at a substantially reduced fee.

WHO estimates the loss to Indian economy because of mental health concerns to the tune of over 1 trillion USD by 2030. In our pursuit, we would like to support our partners and co-travellers in our journey by offering pro-bono mental, emotional, psychological support to their employees 8 hours per week by trained therapists at POSHequili. Detailed plan will be put up on this page shortly.

COVID & Sexual Harassment Law

Helplines for Women

Helplines for Children

Helplines for Mental Health

Other COVID Helplines

Looking for Helpline Numbers, Details of Protection Officers, One Stop Centers & Assistance in case of Domestic Violence?

Support for Women & Children

Food Related Support

Food COVID Support

The Indian Express has reported that Chef Saransh Goila shared a list of COVID meal providers across India – Maharastra, Delhi NCR, Karnataka, Gujarat, Tamil Nadu, Telangana, Uttar Pradesh, Madhya Pradesh and West Bengal, among others. The list mentions the provider’s contact details, the area in which they are serving, and meal hours.

Click here for the State wise Spreadsheet

Other Support

COVID Resources

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State Wise Website List

Websites for COVID Resources