psychosocial support

Psychosocial Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Training Manual for Counsellors, ‘Psychosocial Support during the COVID-19 Pandemic’ has been prepared in April 2021 by Rahbar – A Field Action Project of the School of Human Ecology (Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai In collaboration with National Disaster Management Authority). Among other things, it talks about:

  • Ethical perspectives
  • Telecounseling skills
  • Personal and professional development
  • Psychosocial interventions
  • Reducing emotional distress
  • Containing anxiety
  • Responding to low mood
  • Regulating anger
  • Assuaging guilt
  • Working with grief
  • Managing risk for suicide
  • Mitigating stigma
  • Nurturing narratives of resilience

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