Edition 4 (10th-November-2023)

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10th November 2023 | ED#04

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With the #10yearsofPOSH nearing
completion, the judiciary has noticed
the gaping holes in the execution of
the POSH Act and has started taking
corrective steps. What does this
mean for your organisation?

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The Petitioner moved the Supreme
Court (“SC”) seeking issuance of
appropriate orders directing the
Respondent-State to implement the
POSH Act and POSH Rules without
further delay among other things.

The Court observed that the
principles of natural justice included
audi alteram partem, i.e., a person
affected by a judicial, quasi-judicial
or administrative action must be
afforded an opportunity of hearing
before any decision is taken.

The Court noted that two different
versions emerged about the
sequence of events in the case.


The psychosocial impact that may
come through during the processes
and practices we undertake at the
workplace as part of compliances
relating to POSH law.

There are ways to prevent it and a
law to protect people with HIV/AIDS
from being treated without

Here are a few examples of efforts
that leaders can take within their
organisation to support and
empower the women at work!

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Living Smile Vidya is an Indian trans woman actor, assistant director, writer, and trans and Dalit rights activist.

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compliance with the Supreme Court’s recent directives under POSH Act(as
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