Edition 5 (17th-November-2023)

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A brief bulletin for building safe workspaces!

A brief bulletin for building safe workspaces! This weekly newsletter is your gateway to staying current on relevant laws (like POSH, POCSO, Transgender Persons Act, etc.) and the psychosocial intersections that impact the workplace.
17th November 2023 | ED#05

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With the #10yearsofPOSH nearing
completion, the judiciary has noticed
the gaping holes in the execution of
the POSH Act and has started taking
corrective steps. What does this
mean for your organisation?

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Mental Health at Work supports
teams and leaders to navigate
mental health concerns in the
context of work by helping you build
resilience and sharing relevant
resources. Know more.

Inclusion at Work can partner with
you to design a tailored DEI&B plan
for your organisation. We are here to
support you every step of the way
towards an inclusive future for your
organisation. Know more.

This week we celebrated Children’s
day while being cognizant of the
violence children are facing today.
From War to sexual violence, let’s
pledge to be the guardian our
children deserve! Know more.

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In Varun Bhatia v. State and Another
(2023) the Delhi HC emphasized a
neutral approach in interpreting
gender-specific laws, specifically
Section 509 of the IPC.

In Mukesh Khampariya vs. State of
MP, MP HC delves into crucial
aspects of the POSH Act. It
addresses time limits for complaints
& emphasizes the necessity of
evidence in harassment cases.

The Supreme Court in Union of India
& Ors v Dilip Paul emphasized that
minor discrepancies and
technicalities should not overshadow
the fairness of the inquiry process.


Most women have probably been
called “too emotional” at various
points in their life, irrespective of
where they are, their academic
qualifications, groups they belong to
and even regardless of what
positions they hold at work.

Inclusive language avoids biases or
prejudice that might subconsciously
creep into our communications if
unchecked. Here we will be focusing
on language at the intersections of
gender and sexuality. Subtleties in
language can be inclusive or

Here are a few examples of efforts
that leaders can take within their
organisation to support and
empower the women at work!

They are responsible for developing,
implementing, & overseeing policies
and procedures that prevent and
address such incidents along with
being part of the Internal Committee
which is responsible for…

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Nehru was imprisoned for the first time in 1929

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