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1st December 2023 | ED#07

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We have news to share! We are very
excited to have been in collaboration
with Men Against Violence and
Abuse (MAVA). Mava and Equilibrio
has cooked up some thought-provoking posters on the male gaze
and men’s mental wellbeing, and
what the consequences of being
complicit against rape culture shows
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This week we, at Inclusion at Work,
have decided to spotlight the HIV
AIDS Act of 2017 on account of
World Aids Day. It is pertinent for
organisations to be in compliance
with the law for equitable treatment
of everyone living with HIV.
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The Court in this judgment delved
into the nuances of workplace sexual
harassment, the definition of
decency, and the High Court’s role in
disciplinary authority’s decisions.

This article delves into an intricate
legal landscape surrounding live-in
relationships in India. It sheds light
on the evolution of laws aligning with
societal changes and the
introduction of the ‘live-in
relationship’ concept by the courts.

The court emphasizes the
mandatory nature of Section 105 of
the Mental Healthcare Act, 2017.
This case underscores the statutory
rights of individuals claiming mental
illness and protecting them from
prejudice in legal proceedings.


It is often fear of violence that
prevents so many in the community
to not return to their family homes or
seek redressal for the violations of
their rights by landlords, property
owners and, even, family members.
In one such case, “B, a transgender
man from Chennai talked about the
violence he faced when he…

In an article dated 20th December,
2018, India Today quoted the above
suicide note of Mr. Swaroop Raj who
was working as Assistant VP at a
global professional service firm in
New Delhi.

A female doctor filed a formal
complaint against a senior doctor,
alleging sexual assault during her
house surgency at General Hospital,
Ernakulam in 2019. This incident has

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According to the 2011 census, there are 480,000 transgender people in
India. However, activists believe that the actual number is closer to 1.5

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Curious Cat: What specific preventive measures can an organization
implement, as highlighted in the Apparel Export Promotion Council v. A.K.
Chopra case (link above), to ensure a safe and harassment-free workplace

EA Team: The organization can establish well-defined policies, guidelines, and
awareness programs, as emphasized by the court. These measures contribute
to maintaining a safe and respectful workplace. We can help you regarding this;
feel free to reach out to our team.

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