Edition 8 (9th-December-2023)

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9th December 2023 / Issue No. 8 Special Edition

In the Spotlight!

Celebrating 10 Years of POSH!

We are excited and proud to present the 8th edition of The Equilibrio Gazette
as an ode to the 10th anniversary of the POSH Act.

We hope you will find this newsletter as a comprehensive and holistic literature
on the POSH Law, 2013 since it was passed.

Campaigns under taken by Equilibrio Advisory:

Having worked in this space for nearly a decade, since the institution of this Act,
we at Equilibrio Advisory LLP, through our vertical POSHequili are celebrating
this momentous moment through several campaigns with the focus on creating
AWARENESS on Gender Based Violence, Need for creating safe and equitable
workspaces free of sexual harassment and redressal mechanisms available
under the Law.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


The Court held that “the existing
GSSH Regulations are in order to
protect an ‘aggrieved woman’ in the

Supreme Court once again reiterates
the gaps in implementation of the
POSH Act and emphasizes on the
importance of District Officers in
implementation of the POSH Act.

In 2021, Rajasthan High Court
clarified the legal stand on scope of
workplace definition under the POSH
Act and whether digital platforms will
be included under the said definition.

The gender of the complainant is
clearly defined under the POSH Act
but what about the Respondent?
Calcutta High Court settles the
debate and underlines the gender of
the Respondent.


According to the UN Women,
approximately 736 million women,
i.e., nearly one in three, have
experienced intimate partner
violence, non-partner sexual
violence, or both at some point in
their lives.

Can Queer womxn file a case under
POSH Law, 2013?
Can Transwomxn file a complaint
under POSH Law, 2013?
Can a complaint be filed against
women or QTI folx?

Moreover, the Law highlights that
sexual harassment may occur when
power dynamics are at play through
Quid pro Quo, as well as that sexual
harassment that may arise through
the creation of a Hostile Work

POSH Act to include minor girl
students in its ambit.This expansion
reflects a commitment to creating
safer environments for all students.

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Did you know?
Around 1.5 million girls under 18 get married each year, according to UNICEF.

Have a burning question about POSH? Maybe Mental Health at Work, Child
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love to answer it, in all seriousness.

Curious Cat: Should the Annual Report to the District Officer be
submitted by the end of a calendar year or financial year?

EA Team: Under POSH Act, the Annual Report has to be filed for each
calendar year (1st January – 31st December) in the beginning of the
subsequent year, preferably by 31st January or as notified by the authorities.
Usually the authority rest with the District Officer and few DO’s have published
their own format in which the report needs to be submitted.

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