Sharyl Coelho (She/Her)

CRM & BD Manager
I am currently based in Mumbai and have 12+ years of experience as a passionate and process-oriented Project Manager. I possess outstanding organizational, time management, and problem-solving skills. My expertise lies in operations and client management, and I have successfully led impactful projects in various organizations. Throughout my career, I have worked with teams across different time zones and nationalities, excelling in client management. I have developed project scope, executed milestones, and ensured a seamless experience for all stakeholders. Additionally, I have collaborated with leadership teams to outline projects, forecast revenue, manage daily operations, and implement new programs. I thrive in client-facing roles and always strive to go above and beyond.


Communication, Client Relationship Management, Program/Project Management, Problem-Solving, Time Management, Budget Management, Negotiation, Stakeholder Management, Decision Making, Strategic Planning, Adaptability, Conflict Resolution


Travel Enthusiast, Binge Watching Thrillers, Dancing, Cooking, Playing Music/Singing, Sewing,