We Got Published in GenderMatters.in (Learnings from TVF Case: Putting Things into Perspective…)

An Article Titled “Learnings from TVF Case: Putting Things into Perspective for an Employer“, authored by two of our Partners Samriti Makkar Midha and Shivangi Prasad, was published in GenderMatters.in on 11th April, 2017. Here is a snippet from the article:

First of all, I believe we can safely say that no employer, whether you are in online or brick and mortar business, would want to be in the place where TVF is currently, whether it goes in the favour of TVF and/or Arunabh Kumar in the end or not.

As an employer, reading all the news about TVF, you may be getting chills and wondering what you would do if a complaint like this surfaced in your organization – to begin with – an anonymous complaint – and you have no idea who to meet, who to ask questions, where to start the inquiry from and how to inquire – given that even though it’s a “written complaint” (which is the requirement under law) – the writer is unknown.

While there is nothing in the law that allows such anonymous complaints, there is nothing that disallows them either. And going forward too with online spaces such as Youth ki Awaaz (running campaigns so that people could report their stories to them) and the Medium – it does not appear that it would be uncommon for employers to learn about sexual harassment cases in their own companies through online known or “anonymous” sources. Till the time the Law does not become clear on anonymous complaints, perhaps it is best for employers to take some…” 

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