28th June 2024 / Issue No. 36

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28th June 2024 / Issue No. 36

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On June 27th, 2024, we hosted a
foundational workshop for DEIB
enthusiasts from various
organizations. We interacted,
identified gaps, and understood the
need for systematic change to
support and empower marginalized
communities – well received and
appreciated by our participants!
To sustain momentum and foster
positive workplace changes, join our
‘In this Together’ 2-month certification
course. This course focuses on
building an understanding of
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion &
Belonging (DEIB) concepts amidst
real workplace challenges
experienced by folx with
marginalized identities. Understand
the legal frameworks supporting
vulnerable groups. Featuring
external facilitators sharing their lived
experiences, this course offers a rich
understanding of the DEIB space.

In the Spotlight!

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We all experience anxiety, but
marginalized identities can amplify it
due to social, economic, and
environmental factors. As Pride
Month ends, support for the queer
community is crucial. Learn more
about their unique stressors and
anxiety triggers here.

This Men’s Mental Health Month,
we’re keen to hear from all men
about their experiences with mental
health. We want to know if it’s
become easier for you to discuss
these issues over the past year. Your
insights will help us understand the
challenges men face and how we
can better support mental health
awareness. Take our poll on LinkedIn
and share your thoughts—it’s an
opportunity to make your voice heard
and contribute to breaking down
barriers around men’s mental health.

Elon Musk’s recent comments and
actions regarding the terms ‘cis’ and
‘cisgender’ have sparked controversy
and raised questions about
LGBTQIA+ inclusivity. Musk, as
owner of social media platform X
(formerly Twitter), expressed views
suggesting these terms could be
perceived as “heterophobic” and
potentially restrict accounts using
them. This stance has drawn
criticism for misunderstanding and
trivializing gender identity
terminology, highlighting ongoing
challenges in promoting acceptance
and inclusion for queer and
transgender communities.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


The Allahabad High Court upheld a
man’s acquittal of rape charges,
stating that laws on sexual offenses
being women-centric don’t always
mean the male partner is at fault.
The court emphasized the need for
both parties to bear the burden of
proof, noting the relationship was
voluntary and lacking evidence of
caste-based claims.

The Punjab & Haryana High Court
upheld a POCSO Act conviction,
ruling that a seven-day FIR delay
was justified due to the victim’s
young age,trauma and threats from
the appellant. The court confirmed
the victim’s age and accepted
medical evidence, maintaining her
testimony as sufficient for conviction.

The Calcutta High Court ordered the
West Bengal government to
implement a 1% reservation for
transgender persons in public
employment, following the Supreme
Court’s NALSA guidelines. This
directive ensures that transgender
individuals receive the mandated
reservation benefits, specifically
highlighting a petitioner’s exclusion
despite passing the Teachers’
Eligibility Test.

II - Exploring Intersections

The autistic community has long
advocated for accurate
representation in media and society,
seeking to dispel stereotypes and
promote understanding of
neurodiversity. Initiatives like the film
“Ezra,” which cast a neurodivergent
actor and involved autistic individuals
behind the scenes, are pivotal. Such
efforts not only validate diverse
experiences but also foster inclusive
environments that reflect the
richness of autistic perspectives.

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Did you know?

India’s inaugural Pride walk, Kolkata, July 2, 1999, featured 15 brave
participants in yellow t-shirts adorned with pink triangles, braving monsoon
rains. Dubbed a “Friendship Walk” to mitigate backlash, it subtly defied the
era’s societal norms and legal restrictions on homosexuality. This modest yet
historic event laid foundational steps for future LGBTQ+ activism, marking a
quiet but significant beginning before broader acceptance and legal reforms
took root in India. Inspired by pada-yatra traditions, Owais Khan spearheaded
India’s first Pride walk, joined by activists like Pawan Dhall and Rafiquel Haque
Dowjah, setting a precedent amidst societal and legal challenges back then in

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Curious Cat: Should insurance cover expenses for mental health services?

Answer: The IRDAI notification directs insurance companies to include
coverage for mental illness under health insurance policies, aligning with the
Mental Healthcare Act, 2017. This mandate ensures that insurance plans must
cover hospitalization expenses, diagnostics, treatments, medications, and
related fees for mental health conditions, akin to physical ailments. Compliance
with these guidelines was required by October 31, 2022, marking a significant
step towards enhancing mental health inclusivity in insurance offerings.

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