Edition 11 (29th-December-2023)

“Endings can be beautiful too, for they give us the chance to write new
beginnings. This year was full of endurance and growth. An unwritten chapters
await us in the journey ahead. But before that, let us remember to reflect on the
past and protect your peace in the present. Here’s to a year of legal wins and
mental health resilience”

In this annual wrap up newsletter, explore the standout legal updates, victories, and fascinating facts that shaped our journey this year. From unraveling complex intersections to celebrating triumphs, this edition encapsulates our commitment to excellence. Join us in reflecting on a year of legal resilience and anticipate the exciting horizons ahead.
A discussion on autism in the workplace was conducted, emphasizing the importance of creating inclusive enabling environments and promoting neurodiversity acceptance.
In- house mental health professionals Samriti and Rosanna engaged in an open conversation, exploring the theme of anxiety during Mental Health Awareness Week. This discussion helps gain insight into the impact of anxiety and effective responses to it.
Our inhouse DEIB Strategists, Samriti & Sanjla conducted a dialogue with POSH practitioners on ‘Queer rights at the intersection of POSH Law, Laws applicable to the LGBTQ+ community, Redressal mechanisms available to queer, and more
As a collaboration, IAW partnered with Nu Misra, founder of Revival Disability India, a UN-recognized storytelling collective. Nu’s work explores Queerness & disability intersections, fostering authentic community building & challenging ableism through cheeky art.
We engaged in a dialogue with Nick & Sayantika about ‘Marriage Equality in contemporary India,’ exploring what it meant to be Queer and in love in our country.
Reflecting on a decade of empowerment: We commemorated the 10th anniversary of the POSH Act, working towards safe, equitable workplaces. Explore the campaigns we organised for the 10 years celebration here. The 4 campaigns aimed to raise awareness about the POSH Act at ground level, we conduct 100 inclusive sessions in the last quarter, addressed men’s mental health and wellbeing, and launched a podcast on workplace harassment solutions. We also observed 16 days of Activism- Global Movement for Gender Equality and Justice

Step into the Legal Highlights Of 2023 with Equilibrio Advisory's Year-End Special

For this comprehensive Year-End Special on our respective websites, we've compiled all 2023 significant judgments. They're categorized by SC, HC, and tribunal decisions for easy access and understanding. Explore now.

In the realm of POSH law this year, we witnessed a spectrum of judgments. Some marked significant milestones, while others provided expansive interpretations, adapting to the dynamic pace of our evolving world.
With regards to child safety laws, particularly the POCSO Act, this year brought forth diverse judgments. From landmark decisions to broad interpretations, the legal landscape adapted to safeguard children amidst a changing world.
In the legal landscape of 2023, crucial judgments for the LGBTQIA+, women, and persons with disabilities emerged, marking significant progress, betterment, and ensuring safety in their respective spheres.
In 2023, pivotal judgments unfolded in the mental health sphere. Landmark decisions played a crucial role, addressing gaps in legislation, fostering awareness, and advocating for the rights and well-being of individuals. These were vital in shaping a supportive legal framework, ensuring access to mental health resources & combating stigma.

Our Trending Insights 2023

Throughout this year, we dedicated extensive research across all four verticals, crafting insightful articles. Our commitment extended to social media, where we shared vital updates. Explore this year's trending articles and posts.

Our Pioneering Contributions and Work this Year.

Throughout this year, we dedicated extensive research across all four verticals, crafting insightful articles. Our commitment extended to social media, where we shared vital updates. Explore this year's trending articles and posts.

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Client Testimonials

We are joyful to share with you some heartfelt testimonials from our valued clients, reflecting their positive experiences and satisfaction with the services we've provided.

Firstly, we would like to express our appreciation for your commitment to our organization's efforts in promoting a safe and respectful workplace environment. Your involvement as an external member with expertise in this area has been instrumental in fostering a culture of trust and openness within our organization. Your extensive knowledge and experience in the field of sexual harassment prevention and awareness have been evident throughout our interactions and committee meetings. Your insights and guidance have helped us better understand the nuances of these sensitive issues and have contributed significantly to our policy development and training programs....

Isha Karan Air India Express

Recently I was trying to read a few things on the issue and came across your website, I particularly liked your effort on the recent related legal cases. It gives the reader an edge and arms the person with recent updates in super simple language. I immediately called the number given on your website and congratulated you team member on the efforts.

Veenu Kakkar POSH Practitioner

Train the Trainer and the IC training conducted were very nice sessions for all days. Believe me, we did not feel like it is online. All our participants have enjoyed training a lot. Thank you so much and we are looking for such wonderful session and your wonderful guidance in future as well. The guidance of Sana ma’am & Shreya ma’am was very nice.

Mohan Pandit Assistant Manager (HR-Legal), Minda Industries Ltd.

Thank you for the educative session on POSH that you made to our ICC members on March 17, 2017. The narrative was well-structured, lucid and reinforced by examples from real-life-like situations. An especially good touch, were the ‘caselets’ you put before participants, seeking their responses on how they would act in given situations, which made the session interesting and ensured participation.

Kashmira Mewawala Head BD & Chief Ethics Counselor, Tata Capital Financial Services Limited

POSH team have done the Gender Sensitization – awareness programs at VJTI for students and staff. These programs were conducted very well by them. All sessions were very informative. The team was extremely sincere, punctual, cooperative and professional. Starting from what is sexual harassment to every aspect of the Law was covered in a systematic manner. All the students and staff highly appreciated the sessions.

Dr. Prof. Meena S. Panse Presiding Officer, VJTI ICC
Life at Equilibrio Advisory
Embracing a culture of care, Life at Equilibrio Advisory is designed to provide employees with a conducive work environment. We prioritize mental well-being with dedicated mental health week off, allowing a complete break for personal pursuits. Celebrations mark personal milestones, including bridal and baby showers, fostering a sense of community. Fun Fridays offer monthly rejuvenation, while regular Learning and Development sessions underscore our commitment to employee growth and skill enhancement.
ERG Highlights
The Employee Resource Group (ERG) played a pivotal role in enhancing workplace culture through diverse initiatives at EA. As a visible advocate for diversity, it provided confidential support for Queer Issues, addressing bullying, and actively contributed to policy development, showcasing its integral role in shaping the organizational landscape and fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.
Dear Valued Readers
As partners of Equilibrio Advisory, we extend our heartfelt gratitude to each of
you for being dedicated readers of our newsletter. Your support and engagement
mean the world to us. We are committed to continually providing valuable
insights into the ever-evolving spheres of law, compliance and mental well-being.
Your trust inspires us to strive for excellence.
Dear Amazing Team
A colossal round of applause and a sprinkle of confetti to our stellar team at
Equilibrio Advisory. Your unwavering dedication have not only been impressive
but also brought endless smiles and laughter to our workplace. We couldn’t ask
for a more talented, dynamic, and, let’s admit it, delightfully quirky group of
lawyers, mental health professionals, and support team. Thank you for making
each day at work a blend of professionalism and fun!
Warm Regards, Samriti and Sana
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