Edition 12 (5th-January-2024)

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5th Jan 2024 | Edition 12

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In 2024, ensure workplace safety
with a mandatory POSH policy for
organizations, disseminating crucial
information to foster a conducive
environment. Learn about its legal
importance, promoting diversity, &
the essential elements in our latest
article. Prioritize employee well-being & compliance for a positive &
inclusive workplace in the new year.

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~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


Bharatiya Nyaya Sanhita introduces
critical amendments, consolidating
offenses, revising penalties, &
convers the penalty for sexual
harassment under Clause 74.

SC mandates the disclosure of
disability status during the enrolment
of Advocates in State Bar Councils,
emphasizing inclusivity in the legal

The court allowed the petition,
permitting the Petitioner to call a
UIDAI official to present evidence
related to the Aadhar Card in
POCSO case.


It is a growing concern, recently
highlighted by a metaverse-related
gang rape incident in the UK.The
POCSO Act in India, particularly its
2019 Amendment, provides a
comprehensive definition, bridging
the gap between immorality &

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The metaverse serves as a therapeutic environment, aiding conditions like
anxiety and depression. Unlike VR therapy, metaverse sessions involve both
client and therapist in a virtual realm, offering tailored, controlled settings for
impactful therapy experiences. Know more.

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Curious Cat:
What is ADHD?

EA Team:
ADHD, or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder, is a
neurodevelopmental disorder. It affects both children and adults, impacting
attention, impulse control, and hyperactivity. For detailed insights, explore our
comprehensive resources.

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