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15th March 2024 | Edition 22

Upcoming Event

Mark your calendars! In this section, we highlight an upcoming event you won't want to miss.

Law can be a gruelling career. It can
lead to burnout and poor mental
hygiene. Given an urgent need to
address the mental health of legal
professionals, Mental Health at Work
has curated a roundtable of lawyers
to explore work-life balance in the
legal field. Be a part of this important
conversation, register for free today

A safer workplace is the cutting-edge
of realizing organizational
productivity. Equilibrio is bringing
back its signature POSH Certification
Workshop. The comprehensive
workshop will cover the various
nuances of sexual harassment
inquiries. From defining the role of
the IC to navigating inquiry timelines
& redressing complaints, the
workshop will equip you with
practicable tools.

Have you ever felt unheard at work?
Maybe your organization doesn’t
have the structure to accommodate
your unique needs? If this is you,
then we’re hosting an Instagram Live
event on 20th March that’s meant for
you. Come listen to psychotherapist
& ADHD-er Bhavya Malhotra explore
neurodiversity & the structural
barriers neurodivergent folx face at

In the Spotlight!

Explore ways to build your knowledge and capacity with our team of in-house experts!

The Ministry of Information &
Broadcasting organized a roundtable
on “Gender Sensitization – Portrayal
of Women in Media” with
stakeholders including industry
leaders & experts. Discussions
focused on media portrayal of
women, breaking stereotypes, &
promoting diversity. Our partner
Sana Hakim was part of this panel,
she emphasised on the
responsibilities of media outlets in
creating fair & inclusive narratives.

Recently, we shared a clip from
“Legally Blonde,” that highlights
workplace sexual harassment and
superior- subordinate dynamics that
is exploited during such instances.
This pivotal scene underscores the
importance of addressing such
issues head-on. Watch the clip on our
LinkedIn page and share your

Equilibrio Advisory recognizes the
significance of mental well-being.
Hence, we’re instituting a firm-wide
Mental Health Week from 23rd
March 2024 to 31st March 2024,
prioritizing our employees’ mental
wellness. We firmly believe that this
time off will foster resilience, reduce
burnout, and enhance productivity at
our firm

This year’s Oscar nominations
featured six actors playing queer
characters, showing diversity. Two of
them are queer themselves, adding
authenticity. Biopics celebrated
queer icons. It’s important for writers
to create nuanced, authentic
portrayals. Share your thoughts on
our LinkedIn page.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


As per TOI, currently there is no pending appeal cases of sexual harassment at the workplace in Delhi. The city houses two industrial tribunals and multiple labor courts. These tribunals handle cases under the POSH Act, which involve employer-employee relationships and disputes between employees and employers in both organized and unorganized sectors. Judge Ajay Goel’s court, at the district level, is designated to address these cases, and he has successfully resolved all pending cases, bringing the backlog down to zero. Additionally, the Tribunal has issued detailed recommendations to prevent such incidents, including the
establishment of guidelines for IITs.

The POSH Act mandates employers
to submit annual reports on sexual
harassment cases every year to the
government. These reports must
include complaint numbers, actions
taken, and workshop details. Failure
to submit can lead to penalties. It is
important to note that state-wise the
deadlines may vary, but uniformity is
needed nationwide for streamlined
compliance and effectiveness

Explore the groundbreaking SC
ruling in Supriyo @ Supriya
Chakraborty & Anr. v Union of India
(2023 INSC 920) on our website.
Our analysis dissects arguments
from both sides, elucidates majority
and minority opinions, and delves
into the legal rights of the queer
community, covering marriage and
adoption. This landmark judgement
has profound implications, reshaping
legal norms for LGBTQ+ individuals
in India.


Are you a woman in your 30s?
Struggling to navigate work-life
balance. Read this insightful article
on how to juggle your priorities as a
working woman in your 30s

As the events unfold at
Sandeshkhali, Inclusion at Work
brings you this comprehensive article
on the psychosocial impacts of
surviving sexual trauma.

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Did you know?

Kathryn Bigelow made history in 2010. She was the first woman to win the
Academy Award for Best Director for her film “The Hurt Locker” smashing a
glass ceiling that had persisted for 82 years since the category’s inception in
1929. Chloé Zhao was the first woman of colour to win the Best Director Oscar
for “Nomadland” in 2021.

Have a burning question about POSH? Maybe Mental Health at Work, Child safety or DEI&B strategies? Drop us an email with your query and we would love to answer it, in all seriousness.

Curious Cat: Is therapy or counseling necessary for actors, crew, and
staff on film sets?

Answer: While not universally required, providing access to therapy or
counseling on film sets can support mental well-being amid the stresses of
production. Therapy on a running film set helps in tackling the unique
challenges individuals face in the high-pressure environment of filmmaking,
promoting overall health and productivity

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