Edition 23 (22nd-March-2024)

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psychosocial intersections that impact the workplace.

22nd March 2024 | Edition 23

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Attend our workshop, ‘Unearth
Nuances, Master POSH
Compliance: An Intersectional
Approach.’ and gain insights into
sexual harassment’s intersectional
nature, incorporating diversity, equity,
inclusion, and mental health
perspectives. Tailored for
professionals across sectors,
engage in real-world case studies
and interactive discussions for
practical application. Solidify
expertise with optional certification.

In the Spotlight!

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At Equilibrio Advisory LLP we are
prioritizing employee well-being by
granting a mental health week off
from March 23rd to 31st, 2024. This
break allows time for rejuvenation
and unwinding, essential for
maintaining productivity, creativity,
and overall mental wellness.
Investing in employee health fosters
a more resilient and thriving
organizational culture.

This week we highlighted about
employees being sensitized about
their behavior at work to prevent
instances of sexual harassment.
Gossiping about a colleague’s
personal traits or alleging preferential
treatment can create a toxic

We at Mental Health at Work,
addressed critical mental health
concerns in the legal profession.
Gain valuable insights into wellbeing, navigating unique challenges,
and strategies for thriving in the legal
world. Watch the live recording now
and share your thoughts in this
pertinent issue that is oftern
neglected in legal profession.

Inclusive at Work celebrated
Neurodiversity Week with an
insighful live chat. The speaker
explored the barriers neurodivergent
folx face in work environment not
designed for them. Listen to this
important conversation here.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


Learn about the essential role of
Internal Committees (IC) under the
Prevention of Sexual Harassment at
Workplace Act, 2013. Discover how
ICs investigate complaints, protect
confidentiality, and provide avenues
for redress. For detailed insights into
workplace harassment prevention,
read the full article.

The Kerala High Court ruled that
under the POCSO Act, anyone,
including minors, can be charged
with sexual offenses. However,
minors won’t be tried in regular
courts but under the Juvenile Justice
Act. Learn more about this significant
legal interpretation and its
implications by reading the full article.

Delhi High Court clears stepfather of
sexual abuse charges due to doubts
over child witness testimony
influenced by tutoring. Highlighting
the importance of fair trials and
protecting young witnesses, the
Court emphasizes the need for
corroborating evidence. Explore the
complexities of this case and its legal
implications by reading the full article.


The legal profession faces mental
health challenges due to demanding
roles, systemic issues, and stigma.
High-pressure environments
contribute to stress and burnout.
Cultural shifts, organizational
policies, education, and advocacy
are crucial to prioritize mental wellbeing. Read more for insights on
fostering a healthier environment for
legal professionals

Neurodivergent children are
vulnerable to social inequity when
there’s lack of awareness. Recently,
a Black autistic teenager, Ryan
Gainer lost his life due to this. Read about
the intersectional realities
around disability here.

A tragic tale unfolds as 12-year-old
Kintan Saraswat faces relentless
bullying, leading to a fatal assault
and medical negligence. Highlighting
the prevalence of bullying in Indian
schools, the article explores its
intersectionality, underlying motives,
and urgent need for inclusive
approaches to support marginalized
groups. Read more for
comprehensive insights.

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Did you know?

The founder of the Neurodiversity celebration week is still in her teens!! 18-
year-old Siena Castellon (she/her) is an Irish author and neurodivergent
Castellon aims to highlight the various challenges neurodivergent people face
and to champion their unique gifts. She has also authored the bestseller “The
Spectrum Girl’s Survival Guide: How To Grow Up Awesome and Autistic.

Have a burning question about POSH? Maybe Mental Health at Work, Child safety or DEI&B strategies? Drop us an email with your query and we would love to answer it, in all seriousness.

Curious Cat: What is stimming?

Answer: Stimming is a behaviour associated with neurodivergent people. It
involves repetitive actions, movements or vocalizations. It can help a person to
self-soothe, regulate or release excess energy.
Stimming is common among autistic persons and those with ADHD. Many
neurodivergent people carry stim toys with them to self-regulate. To create
inclusive environments stimming should be encouraged as an

Here’s all the tools you need to build safe and equitable workspaces!
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