Edition 30 (10th-May-2024)

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10th May 2024 | Edition 30

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Bhavish Aggarwal, CEO of OLA
Cabs, sparked controversy by
dismissing the importance of
pronouns in Indian society,
suggesting they’re a Western
concept. His remarks were criticized
for contradicting OLA’s support for
LGBTQ+ rights. Pronouns are crucial
for transgender and non-binary
individuals’ identity and safety,
highlighting the need for cultural
sensitivity and education.

India’s transgender community faces
pervasive violence, including
lynchings and sexual assault, with
discrimination often unreported due
to stigma. Gazal Dhaliwal’s
empowering journey as a trans
screenwriter and director
underscores the importance of
amplifying trans voices. Structural
barriers impede their wellbeing,
necessitating greater awareness and

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The Calcutta High Court examines
the usage of terms like ‘Sweety’ and
‘Baby’ in a sexual harassment
case. While acknowledging their
potential non-sexual nature, it
emphasizes the importance of
preventing reverse bias against
accused men. The HC cited lack of
evidence while dismissing the
petition & affirmed the Internal
Committee’s decision that was made
by adhereing to the principles of
natural justice.

The Kerala High Court permits
termination of a 27-week
pregnancy due to severe fetal
abnormalities, citing the petitioner’s
autonomy over her body. Upholding
constitutional rights, the court directs
medical intervention and places
responsibility on the petitioners for
the child’s care if born alive.

The Delhi High Court issues a
circular for accessibility
workstations and vulnerable
witness rooms in courts, ensuring
accused persons with disabilities
have equitable access during hybrid
hearings. Inspired by a single bench
decision, the directive aims to uphold
fairness and inclusivity in legal
proceedings for all citizens.

The Jharkhand High Court mandates
the State Government to establish a
Transgender Welfare Board within
two weeks. This follows a public
interest litigation by the Jharkhand
Trans Collective, highlighting the
delayed implementation of the
Transgender Persons (Protection of
Rights) Rules, 2019. The court
emphasizes the urgency of
addressing transgender rights and


An employee at an autism center in
Burnsville, Minnesota, was caught
on video assaulting an autistic
toddler, sparking concerns about
the safety of such facilities. The
incident led to the employee’s
dismissal and charges. The
vulnerability of non-verbal autistic
children to abuse underscores the
need for heightened awareness and
better employee training in care

The ICC Men’s T20 World Cup,
which kicks off on June 1st, is an
international event that billions of
people love. But there are serious
difficulties hidden under the praise.
Most players experience extreme
pressure to perform well under
continuous scrutiny from large fan
bases, which exacerbates
psychological strain.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) doesn’t have a cure, meaning there’s no
treatment that can completely eliminate the condition. However, there are
various interventions available that aim to support individuals with ASD in
improving their quality of life. These interventions focus on addressing specific
challenges commonly associated with autism, such as social communication
difficulties, sensory sensitivities, and repetitive behaviors. Contact our Mental
Health at Work vertical for further guidance.

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Curious Cat: Why is teaching children aged 3-10 about body safety

Answer: Teaching children aged 3-10 about body safety is crucial to empower
them with awareness of boundaries, consent, and recognizing inappropriate
behavior, thus reducing vulnerability and preventing instances of sexual abuse.
Contact our Child Safety at Work vertical for support and guidance regarding
awareness (for children) and training (for guardians and teachers).

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