Edition 29 (3rd-May-2024)

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3rd May 2024 | Edition 29

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To mark the end of Autism
Awareness Month, Inclusion at Work
curated a list of content creators. All
of whom create awareness about the
experience of autism, either through
lived experience or as an ally. You
can keep educating yourself about
autism by following their work here.

May is Mental Health Awareness
month. Mental Health at Work takes
a trauma-informed lens when
addressing mental health
challenges. We bring to you a recent
interview actor Imran Khan gave,
where he reflects on his mental
health struggles.

Prachi Nigam, a topper at the UP
Board had to endure cyberbullying
due to her physical appearance.
Child Safety at Work highlights the
perils of being an adolescent on
social media. It explores the mental
health consequences of bullying and
harassment on teenagers.

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~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


Article 361 grants immunity to
Governors from criminal charges
while in office. A recent incident
involving West Bengal Governor CV
Ananda Bose accused of sexual
harassment highlights this immunity
challenge. While past Governors
have resigned when accused of
sexual harassment, a further judicial
interpretation is needed regarding
constitutional immunity &

Ghana’s president has delayed the
Anti-LGBTQIA+ Law amid legal
challenges. Passed by parliament on
February 28, 2024, the bill
criminalizes LGBTQIA+ advocacy
and same-sex activities, threatening
violators with hefty fines and
imprisonment. Civil society opposes
the bill, citing violations of human
rights and democratic values.
International concern mounts over its
potential impact.

The LGBTQ+ community in Russia
faces extreme challenges as their
very existence is labeled “extremist,”
leading to legal and enforcement
crackdowns. Police actions,
including raids and arrests, intensify
fear and insecurity among LGBTQ+
individuals, hindering access to
support and services. Global
condemnation urges respect for
LGBTQ+ rights and human dignity.


Taking a step in the inclusive
direction, Colgate-Palmolive India
has brought in a Workplace
Inclusivity Policy. The policy allows
for medical insurance and leaves for
disabled persons. It also makes
space for employees with children
who have disabilities.

As India continues with its election
process, Inclusion at Work examines
the electoral manifestos of different
political parties. In this article, we
explore why provisions for disabled
persons are vital to build a stronger
cohesive society.

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Did you know?

Statistics from World Health Organization suggest that India records 2.6 lakh
suicide cases annually, making it one of the highest in the world. For every
lakh people about 10.9 are likely to die by suicide. It is one of the primary
causes of adolescent deaths in India. A 2021 report by NCRB states that
10,730 teenagers died by suicide in that year.

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Curious Cat: Can we call 1098 if the child is going through emotional

Answer: If a child is going through emotional abuse, you can call 1098 for help.
Emotional abuse harms a child’s feelings and mental health. In India,
Childline 1098 is there to support kids facing any kind of abuse, including
emotional abuse.

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