7th June 2024 / Issue No. 33 (Special Edition)

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7th June 2024 / Issue No. 33 (Special Edition)

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Here’s a spotlight on our much
awaited DEIB Certificate Course!
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professional journey, support your
teams and stay updated on relevant
information on DEIB at work?
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This month at Equilibrio Advisory, we
are celebrating Pride Month with
exciting plans to encourage dialogue
in the DEIB space. We are
committed to commemorating and
honoring the struggles and
achievements of the LGBTIQIA+
community. Through various
activities and events, we aim to
foster inclusivity, raise awareness,
and create a supportive environment
for everyone. Join us as we
celebrate diversity, promote equity,
and embrace the spirit of Pride
Month together.

In the Spotlight!

Explore ways to build your knowledge and capacity with our team of in-house experts!

Our founder-partner Samriti Makkar
Midha has been listed as one of the
top stress management voices on
LinkedIN this month! As we close out
on Mental Health Awareness Month
2024, let’s pledge to keep the
momentum around ensuring
wellbeing going at our workplaces.
To understand where to begin, or
how to augment your existing
systems, reach out to us on here.

On May 28, 2024, we celebrated
World Menstrual Hygiene Day,
themed “Together for a
#PeriodFriendlyWorld.” On our
LinkedIn page, we spotlighted the
award-winning film “Period. End of
Sentence.,” highlighting the
challenges menstruating individuals
faced in rural India. These
challenges include a lack of access
to hygiene products, inadequate
clean and secure spaces, limited
awareness, physical pain, and the
pervasive stigma and shame
associated with menstruation. These
issues significantly impact women’s
education and workforce

On our Mental Health at Work
LinkedIn page, we highlighted a new
short series on mental health and
workplace wellbeing. We started by
discussing therapy, emphasizing its
role in personal growth, skill-building,
and improving relationships. Stay
tuned for our “Did you know?” series,
featuring surprising facts and tips to
boost your well-being.

Our partner Samriti Makkar Midha
joined the podcast series on Mental
Health for High Achievers! In this
episode, she delves into the
intricacies of navigating burnout. As
a clinical psychologist and founder of
Mental Health at Work at Equilibrio,
she discussed common mental
health challenges, the differences
between stress and burnout, and the
impact of meaning-making on
burnout. Tune in to discover key
insights and takeaways.

We celebrated World Environment
Day on June 5, reflecting on land
restoration and drought resilience,
emphasizing the need for
sustainable urban growth amidst
worsening climate change impacts.

On June 6, we celebrated Empathy
Day, emphasizing its role in fostering
emotional intelligence and building
inclusive communities. Incorporating
empathy into all aspects of life,
including workplaces, enhances
understanding, diversity, inclusion,
and a sense of belonging among

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


The Delhi High Court upheld the
Internal Committee’s decision to
terminate an employee found guilty
of sexual harassment. The court
ruled that the IC had proper
jurisdiction, followed natural justice
principles, and based its findings on
substantial evidence, dismissing
claims of bias or procedural

The Jammu & Kashmir High Court
quashed an FIR in a sexual
harassment case involving an IAF
female pilot and a male wing
commander after the parties reached
a settlement. The female pilot
accused the wing commander of
inappropriate touching and offensive
remarks. Given their mutual
settlement, the court decided to
quash the FIR.

The Calcutta High Court emphasized
that threats of detrimental treatment
and creating an intimidating,
offensive, and hostile work
environment have a nexus to sexual
harassment. The court ordered the
IC to reconsider a dismissed
complaint by a NUJS Kolkata
professor against the vicechancellor, linking recent intimidation
to earlier harassment claims, and
thereby it falling within the limitation

The Allahabad High Court ruled that
in sexual harassment cases,
disciplinary bodies cannot
unilaterally alter penalties, especially
during appeals. This decision
stemmed from a Banaras Hindu
University professor’s writ petition
contesting his forced retirement. The
court deemed the Executive
Council’s decision to review the
penalty beyond its authority, ordering
the professor’s reinstatement.

The Delhi High Court emphasized
the need to incorporate gender
equality and cultural diversity into the
Delhi Judicial Academy’s curriculum.
Justice Swarana Kanta Sharma
highlighted the harm caused by
hidden biases in judicial decisions.
The court overturned a trial court’s
biased ruling, urging comprehensive
judicial training to promote
impartiality and counteract societal
and gender stereotypes


The Bombay High Court ordered the
Airports Authority of India to provide
maternity benefits to a female
employee, stressing the critical need
for employers to show compassion
for expectant employees. The court
emphasized considering mental
health and their wellness during
pregnancy. The decision overturned
the AAI’s denial of her maternity
leave request.

This week, we explore South Korea’s
influential 4B movement, which has
gained momentum in recent years.
Focusing on gender pay parity,
sexual harassment, and societal
norms, the movement challenges
patriarchal ideals and pro-natal

Our POSH training stands out with
its inclusive approach and integration
of new technology, making it
accessible for all. We cover legal
aspects, promote respect, and offer
practical strategies. With various
training types and methods, we
ensure compliance, foster a
respectful culture, and empower
employees to handle untoward
incidents effectively

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Did you know?

Did you know that Tarabai Shinde wrote India’s first feminist text, “Stri Purush
Tulana” in 1882? The book was a powerful response to a newspaper article
condemning a young Brahmin widow, Vijayalakshmi, for aborting her
illegitimate child. Shinde criticized the caste system, patriarchy, denial of
education to women, polygamy, and the ban on widow remarriage. Though
initially ignored and criticized, “Stri Purush Tulana” gained recognition after
being republished in 1975. Shinde’s work, which begins by questioning the
fairness of the gods towards women, was appreciated by social reformer
Jyotirao Phule and remains a significant feminist text in India.

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Curious Cat: How can employers make workplaces more menstruationfriendly?

Answer: Employers can make workplaces more menstruation-friendly by
providing varied period products in bathrooms, offering dark-coloured uniform
options, allowing flexible work schedules and telework, ensuring access to paid
leave for menstruation-related reasons, and educating staff on menstrual health
and available support services.

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