Edition 9 (15th-December-2023)

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15th Dec 2023 | Edition 9

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As the calendar year draws to a
close, we want to remind our valued
partners and clients about the crucial
compliance step mandated by
Section 21 of the POSH Act. Time to
submit Annual Reports is here!
We’re proud to announce that we’ve
already assisted a significant number
of our client organizations in
seamlessly submitting their Annual
Reports. Reach Us.

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~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


SC reveals disturbing trends in
workplace sexual misconduct cases.
It criticizes strict technical
interpretations of rules & urges a fair
& proper approach to service rules.

In Ravinder Kumar Dhariwal v. Union
of India, the Supreme Court ruled
that initiating disciplinary
proceedings against individuals with
mental disabilities constitutes indirect
discrimination under the RPwD Act.

The Bombay High Court, in X v.
State of Maharashtra, affirmed that a
bone ossification test for age
determination is necessary when the
victim is on the verge of adulthood.


One of the biggest takeaways from
our research of psychological safety
is that employees must feel a sense
of belonging. This is a difficult task

According to Tiffany Jana, it is Subtle
Acts of Exclusion. So what does it
mean to face SAEs in the workplace
especially when they are sexually

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As many as 26 per cent of Indians are stressed due to their current work
situation and 17 per cent due to financial instability.

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safety or DEI&B strategies? Drop us an email with your query and we would
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Curious Cat: How can our organization ensure compliance with the nuanced
understanding of applicable service rules to prevent invalidation of
proceedings? Are there specific measures or resources available to address
power imbalances in reporting such misconduct?

EA Team: Our team specializes in workplace compliance and can provide
tailored assistance to ensure your organization adheres to the nuanced
understanding of service rules highlighted by the Supreme Court. We offer
resources and expertise to address power imbalances in reporting misconduct,
ensuring both procedural and substantive justice. Feel free to reach out for
personalized guidance and support.

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