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20th October 2023 | ED#01

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The POSH Act provides legal
protection to women against sexual
harassment in workplaces, and eve
teasing can be considered a violation
of the Act if it occurs in a
professional setting.

Addressing the issue of sexual
harassment faced by female doctors
in the medical field is not just a
matter of equality but a necessity for
ensuring a safe & supportive
workplace environment.

The court directed all authorities
under the Central Government and
State Government to comply with the
direction of S. 19(b) of the POSH Act


Calcutta High Court directed the
State Government to provide a
wheelchair to a person with disability
and stated its the State’s liability to
look after look after citizens who are
not able to look after themselves.

Mental Health

The Court through this case has
emphasized the proper and timely
constitution of the State Authority to
ensure the objectives of the Act and
the implementation of it are ensured.


The Maternity Benefit Act, 1961, as
amended in 2017, continues to be
relevant and provides crucial
benefits and protections for women
employees in India.

Perspectives of this nature are not
new, and often a response to the
deep rooted transphobia and lack of
understanding about these
procedures, as trans lives are not
openly talked about.

When women are in a position where
their next step would be in a
leadership role, there are several
strategies that organisations can
recruit to nurture their leadership

The age of consent stands at the
intersection of legal, social, and
scientific domains, aiming to strike a
delicate balance between
safeguarding minors and
acknowledging their evolving

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