Edition 2 (27-October-2023)

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27th October 2023 | ED#02

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As we step into the last quarter of 2023, we are also excited to bring a spotlight to 10 years of POSH!

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This month, we are spotlighting the
theme “Mental Health is a universal
right”, by launching a simple short
survey giving space to those who are
experiencing mental health concerns
to describe the challenges they face
at work and what support could look

Take the survey and share with
those who will benefit in your team,

As we wrap up Global Diversity
Awareness Month, we would like to
highlight your contributions in the
DEI&B space!

We will be launching a
survey+campaign this week, if you
are interested in being highlighted as
our organisation of the week on our
social media platforms please fill out
the survey here.

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Child Safety at Work?

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The UGC has consistently reinforced the need for compliance with these guidelines, emphasizing gender inclusivity, non-discrimination, and the prevention of sexual harassment.

It is necessary for the adjudicatory authority to explore the antecedents and backdrop of such usage of certain words and phrases that are deemed derogatory

It grants them rights to community
living, access to information,
confidentiality, and personal
communication, while also ensuring
affordable mental healthcare options.


Bi-erasure and biphobia are
significant obstacles facing bisexual
people today. These issues can lead
to feelings of isolation, stigma, and
even violence.

This intersection of identities creates
a complex and multifaceted
experience for queer folx in India and
highlights the importance of radical
self-love and anti-oppressive

The purpose of this article is to
empower the reader by providing a
frame to sort through what emotions
may be emerging and identify and
name what one is feeling.

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Did you know?
Employees living with mental illness face a number of barriers in the workplace including lower employment rates, lower wages, loss of opportunity and under-employment (Hennekam et al., 2021)

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USER1: What is Global Diversity Awareness Month?

EA Team: Global Diversity Awareness Month brings a spotlight to the rich
differences of the human experience, especially at the workplace. This month
isn’t just about celebrating diversity for 30 days for us, but a year-long
commitment to Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Belonging.

Here’s all the tools you need to build safe and equitable workspaces! Drop us a Hey, to get started!

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