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03 November 2023 | ED#03

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With the #10yearsofPOSH nearing
completion, the judiciary has noticed
the gaping holes in the execution of
the POSH Act and has started taking
corrective steps.

What does this mean for your organisation?

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Hours vs Outcome

What do we as managers and
leaders at work tend to give weight
to when we structure our
workspaces and expectations from
EA through MHAW weighs in on the
public debate on the heels of the
podcast featuring NR Narayana
Murthy this week!

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Inclusion at Work is wrapping up
Global Diversity Awareness Month!
We looked at why and how DEIB
strategies are important and
necessary for progressive
organisations. Need more

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If the consequential criminal
proceedings after being exonerated
by the IC are allowed, it would be a
misuse of power and exercise in

Supreme Court took a holistic approach towards POCSO cases by highlighting the significance of support persons to ensure their involvement and assistance

It grants them rights to community
living, access to information,
confidentiality, and personal
communication, while also ensuring
affordable mental healthcare options.


Through the efforts mentioned,
progressive employers can
contribute to a more equitable and
respectful society for everyone,
regardless of their gender identity.

It is crucial to understand that quid
pro quo harassment not only violates
legal boundaries but also
undermines the principles of dignity,
equality, and consent.

Effective stress management
enables us to loosen the hold that
stress has on our life, enabling us to
be happier, healthier, and more

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Did you know?
Manabi Bandhopadhyay is India’s first Trans Principle!

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USER1: Under POSH, who can you file a complaint against?

EA Team: Under POSH Act, you can file a complaint against an employee of
your organisation regardless of gender – for grievances of a sexual nature. For
a more comprehensive understanding, check out our resource.

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