Edition 20 (1st-March-2024)

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1st March 2024 | Edition 20

Upcoming Event

Mark your calendars! In this section, we highlight an upcoming event you won't want to miss.

Join us for a crucial conversation
about mental health and well-being
in the demanding world of law. We
aim to foster a supportive and
understanding environment within
the legal community. Admission is
free, so register today and be part of
this important conversation. This
roundtable discussion, held on
March 21st, 2024, from 6:00 PM to
7:00 PM.

FICCI FRAMES 2024 is set to host a
pivotal Stakeholder Consultation
titled “Empowering Voices, Ensuring
Cine Safety. FICCI aims to foster
safe work environ-ments for women
& children within the entertainment
industry. Our esteemed partners,
Samriti Makkar Midha &
Sana Hakim, will be addressing the
audience, emphasizing the
significance of this vital discussion.

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Explore ways to build your knowledge and capacity with our team of in-house experts!

Equilibrio is reimagining accessibility
in the virtual space. We have built-in
accessibility features across all our
verticals’ websites. It include the
option of toggling between multiple
languages, & an accessibility toolbar.
The toolbar has features that can
adjust text size, alignment & colour
contrast options to suit the needs of
visually impaired, dyslexic and
neurodivergent users among

As the month of love finally winded
to a close, Inclusion at Work took a
look at how the LGBTQIA+
community fared around the world.
Take a moment to reflect on the wins
and losses of the global queer
community at our latest round-up at
Inclusion at Work

Model and actor Ayesha Khan, of
Big Boss fame, bravely shared her
experience of Childhood Sexual
Abuse. The harrowing account is
clear evidence that early and open
dialogue with children and parents
alike is very necessary to raise
awareness and prevent such
incidents. Learn more about it here at

In a recent interview for All India
Radio, President Droupadi Murmu
revealed her relationship with loss
and how it affected her mental
health. Having lost her two sons and
husband, the President has been
through depression. The President
speaking about her mental health
highlights the universality of trauma
and its responses. Listen to her
share her experiences

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


Other states can learn from this
initiative by prioritizing multi
stakeholder engagement, industry
specific interventions, private sector
involvement, and robust monitoring
systems to ensure effective
workplace safety measures across

The court found the accused guilty of
premeditated actions following the
victim’s family’s refusal to offer
customary gifts. Relying on
circumstantial evidence, the court
concluded the crime was ‘the rarest
of rare’ and imposed the death


The recent insensitivity of staff at
Fortis Hospital, Mohali caused an
outrage within India’s queer
community. When a trans caller
enquired about gender affirming
surgeries, they were met with ridicule
& the line was disconnected without
any explanation. The incident reveals
an appalling lack of awareness
training in an industry.

Valentine’s month can be an isolating
time for aromantic and asexual
individuals, with its hyperfixation on
monogamous and heteronormative
romantic love. Explore the nuances
of aro and ace lived realities and the
mental health challenges they face
as they move through a world that
encourages ‘amatonormativity’.

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Did you know?

As the Black History Month is coming to an end today we would like to bring
attention to India’s Siddi community, that has its Afro-descendants with roots in
East Africa. Present for centuries, they face challenges but maintain a vibrant
culture through music, dance, and a unique blend of influences. Initiatives like
the Samvaad conclave and Hirbai Lobi’s Padma Shri award (a landmark
recognition for women’s empowerment) offer hope for a future where their
heritage is celebrated.

Have a burning question about POSH? Maybe Mental Health at Work, Child safety or DEI&B strategies? Drop us an email with your query and we would love to answer it, in all seriousness.

Curious Cat: Why are mental health NGOs so important and what are
their contributions to mental wellness?

Answer: Mental health NGOs are vital because they address the often
overlooked aspect of human well-being, raising awareness and reducing stigma
surrounding mental health issues. It’s noteworthy that World NGO Day is
celebrated annually on February 27th, recognizing the impactful work of NGOs

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