Edition 19 (23rd-February-2024)

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23rd Feb 2024 | Edition 19

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On our active social media platforms,
we’ve taken the initiative to debunk
prevalent misconceptions
surrounding POSH Act. To gain a
comprehensive understanding &
access to valuable insights, we
encourage you to visit our recent
post on sexual harassment

Celebrate Aromantic Spectrum
Awareness week with Inclusion at
Work. Aromanticism is a romantic
orientation. People who identify as
aromantic feel little to no romantic
attraction towards others.
Throughout the week Inclusion at
Work highlighted the different
identities that fall under the
aromantic umbrella.

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The case of Medha Kotwal Lele v.
Union of India pertains to the
enforcement of the Vishaka
Guidelines against workplace
sexual harassment. The Court
provided detailed directives to
ensure compliance, highlighting the
ongoing struggle for gender parity &
legal protections against sexual

Binu Tamta & anr. v. High Court of
Delhi & ors. involves a plea for
gender-neutral amendments to
workplace sexual harassment
regulations at the Supreme Court,
advocating for LGBTQIA+ inclusion.
The petitioner sought to replace
“aggrieved woman” with “aggrieved
person” for inclusivity.


The article discusses the need to
include the anti-caste movement
within the queer space, citing
instances of exclusion during the
Mumbai Pride Parade.
Intersectionality, particularly the
intersection of queer and caste
identities, is explored, highlighting
the importance of recognizing caste
privilege within the queer

Recently a local news channel in
West Bengal put up a video of two
women kissing in a public place,
without their consent. The incident
highlights privacy violation,
homophobia, and media insensitivity
towards the queer community,
raising questions about the
prioritization of moral policing over
individual safety and well

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Did you know?

It is estimated that about 1% of the total population are asexual and aromantic.
Within the 18-24 age group that percentage is as high as 4%. As awareness
about aromantic and asexual identities is spreading, this relatively small part of
the queer community is gradually growing. Know More

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Curious Cat:
¬†Aromantic? Asexual? Aren’t they the same thing?

No, they are not. Being aromantic is about a romantic orientation.
That is whether a person gives you the butterflies in the heart! And let’s just say
aromantic people do not get butterflies. They are more of moth people!
While asexuality is a sexual orientation. As in that rush you feel when your
crush holds your hand! Asexual people may not feel that at all, or feel it just a
Are you exploring your romantic or sexual orientation? You can talk to your
therapist about it.

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