Interview with Ant Wak

In this interview, the following was discussed:

  • Fundamentals of Diversity & Inclusion for working women
  • Awareness and promotion about Diversity for women at work
  • Influence of Gender Stereotype on women at workplace – How can women overcome the social stereotype concerning the masculinity of certain professions?
  • Working women adapting to the corporate world – How can women overcome stereotypes related to physical appearance and beauty standards?
  • Do’s and Dont’s in the Handbook on the Law of Sexual Harassment at Workplace
  • Dealing with failure and striving for success
  • How can we build an empathetic society where women can speak about sexual harassment without any shame or doubt?
  • How to handle challenges that a lawyer faces while working with women who have been sexually harassed in workplaces?
  • Discrimination in varied forms towards women witnessed by a lawyer along her career

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