Lawyer Sana Hakim

Our Partner Interviewed by Super Lawyer

One of our Partners Sana Hakim, was interviewed by Super Lawyer on 25th July, 2017. Here is a snippet:

The motivating factor was the law itself that is the need of the hour in light of horrendous Nirbhaya gang rape case in Delhi, to various instances pertaining to crime against women, and since am actively involved in practising in laws for women, it was also a natural course for me to take.

Among the root causes of sexual harrasment are the perverse mindsets and behaviour of the people involved in such unscrupulous activity. In order to prevent it,  one needs to inculcate respect of each other’s boundaries irrespective of the gender you or the other person belongs to. We also need to raise more awareness among all about the SH Act 2013 (as mandated by the SH law itself) and  various crucial amendments (in the year 2013) in the Indian Penal Code etc making punishment for Crimes against Women more stringent. Many people are unaware about whom to complaint to and are apprehensive about getting justice if they complain. Therefore…”

You can continue reading this interview here.

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