Edition 13 (12th-January-2024)

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12th Jan 2024 | Edition 13

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Navigate the evolving POSH
landscape in 2024 with ease as
organizations grapple with numerous
mandatory compliances. A
sophisticated POSH consultant is
your key ally, offering guidance and
support to ensure your workplace is
not only legally sound but fosters a
culture of respect and dignity. 
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The deadline for filing your annual
return under the POSH Act is
approaching! Don’t forget to submit
your annual return under the POSH
Act by 31st January, 2024, to avoid

Please Note: For Gurgaon District,
the deadline is extended to 31st April
2023. Additionally, for Mumbai City,
the deadline is set for 20th February

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~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


The court granted the advocate
another opportunity to present
defenses, emphasizing the serious
nature of the allegations. The
petitioner argued insufficient time
was given, and the court set aside
the suspension order, instructing the
Council to reconsider in light of
objections filed by January 10,

Jharkhand High Court, in X v. The
State of Jharkhand & Anr,
emphasized that persistent acts of
following, watching, or contacting a
child with sexual intent constitute
sexual harassment under the
POCSO Act. Despite the petitioner’s
claims of false implication, the court
found ample evidence in the
statements of witnesses and upheld
the lower court’s decision of


It’s crucial to document incidents
through screenshots or sharing with
someone, maintain a log for patterns
and evidence, and consider options
like blocking and reporting.

Employers can play a critical role in
safeguarding the welfare of children
who find themselves in the parents’
or guardian’s workplace by
implementing these suggestions into

The recent Supreme Court ruling not
only annulled the remission but also
shed light on the conduct of the
State, accusing it of complicity and
abuse of discretion.

Brazil’s legislative and regulatory
initiatives demonstrate a
commitment to addressing sexual
harassment in the workplace. The
newly enacted laws and programs
signify a shift toward creating a safer
and more inclusive environment.

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Did you know?

The National Commission for Women (NCW) registered 28,811 complaints of
crime against women last year and about 55% were from Uttar Pradesh.
There were 805 complaints of sexual harassment, 605 of cyber crime, 472 of
stalking and 409 of honour crimes. Know more.

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Curious Cat:
Why filing an annual report under the POSH Act is more than
just paperwork?

EA Team:
 Filing an annual report under the POSH Act is a crucial step in
fostering safe and inclusive workplaces. It ensures transparency, tracks
progress in preventing workplace harassment, and holds organizations
accountable. So, it’s not just paperwork – it’s a powerful tool for building a
culture of respect and equality!

Here’s all the tools you need to build safe and equitable workspaces!
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