Edition 17 (9th-February-2024)

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9th Feb 2024 | Edition 17

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Every year on February 4th, the
world observes World Cancer Day. It
acts as a forum for people, groups,
governments, and institutions to
unite in the fight against cancer via
support for cancer patients and
survivors, education campaigns, and
fund-raising. The day serves as a
reminder of the value of early
detection, treatment accessibility,
leading a healthy lifestyle.

The Uttarakhand Assembly recently
approved the Uniform Civil Code
Bill, which mandates uniform rules
for marriage, divorce, inheritances,
and live-in relationships across
communities, excluding Scheduled
Tribes. Notably, the bill prohibits
bigamy and polygamy, outlines
regulations for live-in relationships.
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~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


In a case before the Calcutta HC, X,
a railway officer, faced sexual
harassment allegations. The Court
criticized procedural flaws in the
inquiry, stressing X’s right to cross
examine. It overturned his removal,
ordered reinstatement, but denied
back wages. The victim was barred
from X’s office

The Ministry of Women & Child
Development and Labour &
Employment organized an event
promoting gender equality and
women’s workforce participation. The
advisory mandates 26 weeks of paid
maternity leave for registered road
construction workers and extends
paid leave to mothers experiencing


Gender sensitization training is
crucial in combating workplace
sexism, promoting equality, &
fostering inclusive environments. It
educates about gender experiences,
combats stereotypes, & promotes
equal opportunities. Employers must
integrate it into recruitment, policies,
& LGBTQIA+ support, ensuring
ongoing commitment for equitable

The article critically examines
Poonam Pandey’s tone-deaf fake
death stunt for cervical cancer
awareness, and refocuses on the
gender biases present in healthcare,
the nuances of living with chronic
illness and the salient features of a
empathetic and hands-on awareness

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Did you know?

All women, regardless of their marital status can obtain abortions up to 24
weeks into their pregnancies. The SC in X v. the Principal Secretary Health & Family Welfare Department & Another (2022 SCC OnLine SC 1321) stated that the decision to carry the pregnancy or terminate it was firmly rooted in a woman’s right (including transgender & gender-variant persons) to her bodily
autonomy & to choose the course of her own life where the artificial distinction between married & unmarried women cannot be sustained.

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Curious Cat:
How does exercising help in reducing stress?

Exercise acts as your body’s superhero against stress! It releases
feel-good endorphins, tames cortisol (the stress hormone), boosts mood,
improves sleep, and provides a distraction from stressors.

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