Edition 18 (16th-February-2024)

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16th Feb 2024 | Edition 18

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On our Inclusion at Work LinkedIn
page, we’ve curated a collection of
beautiful stories that highlight
inclusion and diversity from various
perspectives. From tales of love and
longing through the lens of disability
to embracing LGBTQIA+ narratives
and dismantling caste barriers, these
stories embody the essence of
inclusive love.

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Navigating love & work is
exhilarating yet complex, especially
concerning sexual harassment.
Understanding boundaries amid
romantic endeavors at the workplace
is pivotal. Even consensual
relationships can breed harassment.
Clear communication & power
dynamics awareness are vital.

The SC has recognized live-in
relationships as acceptable forms of
social relationships, interpreting
them as “relationships in the nature
of marriage” & extending protection
under The Protection of Women from
Domestic Violence Act. The article
emphasizes the need for clarity & a
conclusive pronouncement from the
SC on this complex issue.

The article emphasizes fostering
safer workplaces for domestic
violence survivors. It underscores
the importance of recognizing
various forms of abuse and
challenges faced by survivors.
Companies are urged to implement
policies supporting survivors while
addressing rehabilitation for
perpetrators, stressing collective
responsibility in combatting domestic

The story depicts the struggle of
Jebin and Manu, a gay couple from
Kerala. Manu’s accidental death led
to a legal battle as his family refused
to recognize his relationship with
Jebin The court emphasized the
importance of human dignity, even in
death, but Jebin couldn’t claim
Manu’s body due to the absence of
evidence supporting their


We recently covered a story of a gay
disabled government employee
facing severe discrimination and
sexual harassment at his workplace
highlights systemic issues in
addressing LGBTQIA rights and
disabilities. Outed without consent,
he endured harassment and withheld
wages for three years.

This Valentines’ week we wanted to
speak about the people who feel left
out. Single people are often at the
receiving end of pity and ridicule due
to negative biases attached to
singlehood. This is the rising trend of
‘single-shaming’. Although these
assumptions are false, the bias
against single folx continues at a
systemic level.

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Did you know?

In Kenya, “Dark Valentine” vigils have emerged as a poignant response to the
escalating crisis of Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) and femicide. These vigils,
marked by the somber atmosphere of mourning, involve women gathering with
red roses and lit candles to commemorate those who lost their lives to IPV. The
term “Dark Valentine” symbolizes the grim reality of violence that lurks beneath
the surface of Valentine’s Day celebrations. Despite notable cases like Agnes
Tirop’s murder, the government lacks data on femicide. Activists demand
recognition of femicide as a national crisis and reforms to combat IPV,
highlighting systemic barriers to justice for survivors.

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Curious Cat:
How do you recognise the initial signs of experiencing
trauma in your relationship?

Signs can include feeling anxious while interacting with your partner.
Feeling unheard, blaming yourself for their behaviour or repressing your
emotions. Difficulties in sleeping, irritabillity. General fatigue after being around
If you are experiencing any or a mixture of these signs, speak to your therapist
who could support you through this difficult situation.

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