Edition 27 (19th-April-2024)

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19th April 2024 | Edition 27

Upcoming Event

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Just a friendly reminder that
tomorrow marks our highly
anticipated POSH workshop, where
you’ll have the opportunity to learn
and empower yourself regarding the
POSH Act. The POSH certificate that
you get on completetion of the
workshop will give you confidence to
become a POSH consultant and
contribute in creating safer

In the Spotlight!

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It is the 10th year anniversary of the
NALSA judgement that accorded
citizenship rights to trans people.
Inclusion at Work takes a look at the
ground reality of trans lives 10 years
hence. Are trans lives better or
worse now?

Dalit History Month is observed
throughout April. The birth month of
the anti-caste pioneer, B.R.
Ambedkar, Dalit History Month seeks
to remember the contributions of
DBA (Dalit, Bahujan, Adivasi) icons
in our history. It is a time when Dalit
narratives are reclaimed.

The IPL season implies that cricket
and cricketers are the talk of the
town. However, little is spoken about
the mental health toll that a highstakes sports has on the players.
Mental Health at Work brings you a
nuanced perspective about the
mental health issues cricketers face.

Learn the intricacies of the
conciliation process at our workshop
tomorrow. Explore the vital dos and
don’ts, and understand the
acceptable terms of settlement under
the POSH Act and Rules.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


Bombay HC allowed victims of a
2010 acid attack to seek
compensation despite limitations.
The victims, who endured medical
treatments and expenses, filed a writ
petition.The court ordered victims to
apply under the scheme within four
weeks, leaving compensation
grounds open.

Allahabad HC released guidelines on
determining victims’ ages in POCSO
cases on April 17, 2024. Judge Ajay
Bhanot’s decision, granting bail to
petitioner X, highlighted
inconsistencies in age determination
methods. The court emphasized the
need for accurate medical reports
and established procedures for their


Oftentimes POSH compliance is
spoken about vis-a-vis cisgender
women. However, there are
intersectional spaces where the
POSH act can also assist trans,
queer and disabled persons.
Inclusion at Work highlights this
intersectional tenet of the POSH act
that will be covered in our upcoming
POSH workshop.

Despite the growing presence of the
anti-caste movement through India,
institutional casteism is still a reality
in India’s educational institutions.
This article decodes the various
facets of institutional casteism and
its effects on the wellbeing of DBA
students and faculty. It also explores
measures to combat the same.

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Did you know?

Inspired by the Black Panthers (a radical American civil rights group) the Dalit
Panthers was born in 1972. The party’s existence was short-lived, its
dissolution came in the 1980s. Yet, the party left a socio-cultural impact.
Formed by Dalit poets and political thinkers, the party united DBA youth
towards collective action. It supported Dalit literature, movements like
“Naamantar” and following its activism Marathwada University was renamed
after Ambedkar. It even received the Black Panther Party’s endorsement.

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Curious Cat: How can you check if a candidate in your constitutency who
is contesting for Lok Sabha election has criminal antecedent?

Answer: Access the candidate’s affidavit, which they submit to the Election
Commission, via the ECI’s website. You can also check this website.

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