Edition 26 (12th-April-2024)

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12th April 2024 | Edition 26

Upcoming Event

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Our one-of-a-kind POSH
Certification workshop, happening on
April 20th-21st, moves beyond welltrodden paths. Its focus expands
beyond navigating compliance with
the POSH Act 2013. We examine
POSH laws through the prism of
intersectionality. Learn to approach
cases of sexual harassment at
workplace through a psychosocial
lens. Don’t miss out.

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April being Stress Awareness Month,
Mental Health at Work wants to bring
light to work-related stress. It is fairly
common within the Indian urban
working class. Read more about the
nuances of stress and how
workplaces can adopt more inclusive

April is also commemorated as
Sexual Assault Awareness month.
The nuances of boundaries, consent
should be highlighted in all
conversations surrounding this issue.
What better place to start this
conversation than our very homes?
Educating our sons, fathers, brothers
& uncles is a crucial first step. Learn
more about this here.

The astute and witty John Oliver
breaks down the concept of
workplace sexual harassment, in his
“Last Week Tonight” show, in simple
terms. Sexual harassment at the
workplace can fall under the ambit of
employee discrimination. To know more.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


The Supreme court appoints Amicus
Curiae during compliance hearing to
ensure implementation of directives
issued in the case of Aureliano
Fernandes Vs. State of Goa and


The Congress electoral manifesto
included the promise of legalizing
same-sex civil unions, followed by
other such inclusive provisions. We
at Inclusive at Work, examined this
trend of allowing for inclusive
agendas and how it could affect the
lives of India’s marginalized trans
and queer milieu.

Recently, a transwoman was
stopped from receiving her trans ID
certificate by a Kolkata magistrate.
This is despite the applicant having
undergone medical intervention. The
NALSA law, 2014, mandates the
right to self-identity to trans people.
This incident highlights the need for
trans-inclusive awareness in state

The first-ever protest against sexual
harassment took place in 1920, in a
cotton mill in Madras. Learn about
this fascinating episode in Indian
history where 750 women workers
sustained a strike for over two
months. This episode goes on to
show how awareness can mobilize
women towards collective change.

Famous author J.K. Rowling is in the
crossfire again due to her transexclusionary comments. Her
regressive comments invalidate the
experiences of both trans and nonbinary people. In the age of social
media, such negative stereotypes
can have far-reaching

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Did you know?

Recently a 20-year-old man in China was diagnosed with delusional love
disorder. As the name suggests, this disorder occurs when someone is
convinced that another person is in love with them without any actual evidence
of the same. This delusion can be accompanied with mood swings, a loss in
focus, the inability to sleep and risky impulsive behaviours. The disorder has
been linked with seasonal changes related to spring.

Have a burning question about POSH? Maybe Mental Health at Work, Child safety or DEI&B strategies? Drop us an email with your query and we would love to answer it, in all seriousness.

Curious Cat: What are the physical effects of stress?

Answer: To become an ally to autistic folx, understand autism is a diverse
spectrum. Try to make public spaces accessible for autistic people. Support
autistic creators & entrepreneurs and amplify their voices.
Educate yourself about autism. Listen to the lived experience of autistic people,
they are the real experts on the subject. You can approach a neuroaffirming
counsellor to learn more.

Here’s all the tools you need to build safe and equitable workspaces!
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