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26th April 2024 | Edition 28

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Earth Day was observed on 22nd
April. Mental Health at Work
highlights how irrevocable global
climate change is steadily giving rise
to ‘climate anxiety’ in urban
populace. Climate anxiety is being
recognized as a valid condition that
can have serious psychological

The week of April 22nd to April 28th
is Lesbian Visibility Week. This year
the theme is “Unified Not Uniform”,
implying that the lesbian community
is a spectrum that holds diverse
identities as well. To celebrate this
theme, Inclusion at Work brings to
you a curation of classic “WLW”
(women loving women) films from
various genres with diverse

Speaking up against workplace
harassment can be difficult.
Especially if there is a lack of
awareness around workplace power
dynamics. POSHequili highlights the
need for having a cultural
understanding of accountability in
the workplace. This can help
survivors find support and call out
harassment when they face it.

POSHequili brings attention to the
various criterion that the Internal
Committee (IC) should consider
while taking action against
respondents in a sexual harassment

Inclusion at Work continues to
celebrate Dalit History Month. This
time it shifts the focus from the past
to the present. From iconic historical
figures to contemporary Dalit voices,
Inclusion at Work has created a list
of six Dalit creators whose work is

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~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


There has been an update in the
charge sheet filed against Brij
Bhushan Singh by Delhi Police, after
an FIR by Indian wrestlers. The
Additional Chief Metropolitan
Magistrate has reserved its order
and decided to pronounce it on April
18th, 2024. On the same date Singh
applied to Delhi court seeking further
investigation in the case. The order
has now been reserved for April
26th, 2024.

The Kerala High Court considered
an application for regular bail filed
under POCSO. The court observed
that the accused’s profession plays a
pivotal role. As a soldier, the accused
must be scrutinized strictly before
being granted bail, the court stated
and dismissed the application.

The Punjab & Haryana High Court
stated that the POCSO Act will
prevail over Muslim personal law,
while hearing the anticipatory bail
plea of a Muslim man, who has been
booked for allegedly kidnapping a
15-year old girl whom he married in

The Supreme Court has directed the
state of Himachal Pradesh to form a
committee and reassess its childcare
leave policy. This new directive arose
when a petitioner moved the court to
consider the request for longer leave
to be accorded to parents of children
with disabilities.


As Autism Acceptance Month comes
to a close, Inclusion at Work
examines the concept of masking. It
is a coping mechanism common in
autistic females, that allows them to
partially hide their autistic traits.
Inclusion at Work explores the
mental health fallouts of masking
and how awareness can be a

The Government has recently
established a six-member panel to
address issues that India’s LGBTQ+
community faces. However, there is
no representation from the queer
and trans community on it. Inclusion
at Work examines how lack of
representation can translate into
greater systemic barriers for the

Tamil Nadu’s disabled community
has been fighting for the ability to
contest local elections. Recently,
they had a major win when A.
Kavitha broke this glass ceiling.
However, fighting elections is still
largely an inaccessible space for
disabled persons.

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Did you know?

Founded in 1955 in San Francisco, the Daughters of Bilitis was the first
lesbian civil & political rights organizations in the United States. It provided a
space for lesbians to socialize, discuss issues, & advocate for their rights at a
time when homosexuality was heavily stigmatized. It also became an
educational resource for the community during its forty year run, until its last
chapter in 1995.

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Curious Cat: Is sexual orientation a choice?

Answer: Sexual orientation, including the lesbian spectrum, is not a choice. It
is a natural aspect of a person’s identity, determined by factors such as
genetics, hormonal markers, and environment. Just as heterosexual individuals
do not choose their sexual orientation, neither do lesbian individuals.

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