21st June 2024 / Issue No. 35

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laws (like POSH, POCSO, Transgender Persons Act, etc.) and the
psychosocial intersections that impact the workplace.

7th June 2024 / Issue No. 33 (Special Edition)

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Only 1 week to go! As we close out
on Pride Month, let’s keep the focus
on inclusive support at work glowing
by building skill with it comes to
Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and
Have you blocked your
spot yet?

In the Spotlight!

Explore ways to build your knowledge and capacity with our team of in-house experts!

Autistic Pride Day, celebrated
annually on June 18th since 2005,
recognizes the importance of pride
for autistic individuals and their role
in society. It originated from Aspies
for Freedom and uses the rainbow
infinity symbol to represent
neurodiversity. Events promote
acceptance, understanding, and
highlight the unique contributions of
autistic people. Our upcoming DEIB
Certification Course will explore the
neurodiversity movement, rooted in
autism self-advocacy.

Many of us view our workspaces as
second homes and colleagues as
second family. However, true
belonging requires acceptance.
Introducing the final DEIB member:
B for Belonging! Join us for our
upcoming DEIB Foundational
Workshop to
explore fostering
workplace belonging.

Through our extensive work with women
across various industries and
positions, spanning years of
engagement, we have gained
profound insights into the challenges
they face in the workplace. These
challenges extend beyond the
professional realm, encompassing
personal struggles influenced by
prevalent social narratives, biases,
and cultural norms. Our efforts aim to
address these complexities and
provide support that empowers
women to navigate their professional
journeys with resilience and

Schools must equip children with
tools for acceptance, empathy, and
inclusion, especially for LGBTQIA+
students. Key strategies include
awareness programs with
community speakers, promoting
respect and acceptance, and
providing active support through
resources and access to supportive
adults. Continuous effort is needed
beyond Pride Month for lasting
Reach out to us for support.

In celebration of Pride Month, our
team member Usri Basistha from
chats with Ashish Sawhny,
a seasoned media professional and
queer affirmative mental health
counselor. They discuss the
evolution of queer portrayals in
media, Ashish’s mentorship of queer
and trans youth, and strategies to
foster diversity and inclusion in the
media industry.

Stay Current!

~ Spotlighting Landmark Judgments since passing of the Law!


The Karnataka High Court
emphasized that doctors’ access to
patients’ bodies is sacred for healing
purposes; misuse may lead to IPC
Section 354A. The court rejected a
doctor’s plea to quash a complaint
alleging sexual misconduct during a
medical examination, emphasizing
the need for thorough investigation

The Meghalaya High Court denied
bail in a POCSO case, citing the
seriousness of the offense and
emphasizing that the trial’s one-year
timeline, though not mandatory in all
cases, underscores the need for
expeditious proceedings to
safeguard the victim and uphold

The Madras High Court has ruled
that the State must assume parens
patriae responsibility for mentally
disabled individuals lacking family
support. The court mandated the
State to provide housing, lifelong
medical care, and create district
level residential facilities,
underscoring constitutional
obligations towards vulnerable

II - Exploring Intersections

Anxiety is often a reality for queer
and trans lives. This article tries to
explore the socio-historical context of
the stigma the community faces. It
looks into how anxiety can be rooted
into discrimination for the LGBTQIA+
community. To know more,

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Did you know?

Nepal became the first South Asian country to include a non-discrimination
provision based on sexual orientation in its constitution in 2015. This landmark
move has made Nepal a leader in LGBTQ+ rights in the region. Additionally,
Nepal is the second country in Asia, after Taiwan, to make significant legal
strides in recognizing and protecting the rights of the LGBTQ+ community . On
18th June 2024 after passing the marriage equality measure in the Senate,
Thailand is now the first nation in Southeast Asia to accept same-sex marriage.

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Curious Cat: What does China’s ‘996’ work culture indicate?

Answer: The ‘996’ work culture in China, mandates working six days a week
from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., is a reflection of the country’s high labor demands in the
IT sector. It is troublesome because long work hours cause burnout, health
problems, and a poor work-life balance, which raise serious questions
regarding the rights and welfare of employees.

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